Dear Customers!

The first, NAM HOANG NGAN TST CO.,LTD would like to express our gratitude to our valued customers who have been and will believe in our service of good health and success in all fields.

Nam Hoang Ngan Concrete Factory is invested with the latest and most modern equipment. We always combine advanced technology and practical experience to make our products always fit the needs of the market.

In addition, we are proud of a team of managers, employees years of experience in the commercial concrete. Therefore, we are confident to bring you high quality concrete products, as well as the most professional services.

NAM HOANG NGAN TST CO.,LTD thank you very much, look forward to receiving the attention and cooperation from customers. Please contact us for the best service.

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Address: 27/1 Provincial Road 43, Dong An Quarter, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province.
Phone: 0274 363 6985 – Fax : 0274 363 6984
Contact: Mr. NGUYEN HOANG NAM - Title: Business Director
Phone number :  0984 01 66 01 – 0938 703 579 


 Factory 1: Plat no. 05, Map no. 05, Quarter 1B, Chanh Phu Hoa Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

 Factory 2: Plat no. 27, Map no. 75, Suoi Tre Hamlet, Long Nguyen Village, Bau Bang District, Binh Duong Province